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So...I went to JAPAN for my birthday this year! Hokkaido to be more specific. I drank hot corn soup from vending machines, enjoyed heated toilet seats, and relaxed in onsens to recover from the world famous ja-pow! IMO everything in Japan is better than the United States: public transit, vegetables, peoples' attitudes, and 7-elevens to name a few.

Here are my top 10 memories(in not particular order)

  1. Lunch stop at the base of Annupuri for chicken curry. Hands down the best meal on any mountain in my life!

  2. Wandering Otaru's alleys and stumbling upon a Suitengu Shrine after two amazing dinners: seafood pasta and gyu-kaku(No reservations required).

  3. My favorite tree run at Grand Hirafu.

  4. The insane amount of snow that fell while we were checking out the food trucks in Hirafu.

  5. Sledding on my snowboard through the neighborhood back to our room at the EcoLodge.

  6. Rainbow Coffee Drink(How did I not get a picture?)

  7. Forever Meadow Road that spit us out at the wrong mountain. Luckily, someone picked us up so Ben didn't have to walk back 2 miles in ski boots.

  8. Our experience at Ikoino Yuyado Iroha Hot Spring Resort. We bathed in the onsen, dressed in traditional yukata and enjoyed a set 4 course dinner. We even chose the traditional rooms with tatami mats. Super fun!

  9. Tasting Okonomiyaki for the first damn good.

  10. Sunrise in Sapporo followed by a walk in the park and sandwiches at Hasamiya.



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