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IECRM Clay sporting event

Summer is here ya'll and which means it's time for me to get outside and enjoy this beautiful state and network. Hell yeah! Networking! Wait...Networking? Sure, why not?

A few weeks ago on June 17th, I woke up at the crack of dawn and drove out east. It didn't make a whole lot of sense since I basically live in Kansas, but I was hired to photograph at Colorado Clays just northeast of DIA. I arrived early - or so I thought- the parking lot was already filling up and breakfast burritos were being gnawed on. Soon after I met Marilyn, the CEO of Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain(IECRM), who was super friendly and helpful which I super appreciated since I'd never been to a clay sporting event before, let alone "shoot" one.

Basically, there are 15 stations and at each station there are two hunter orange clay pigeons that fling into the air and with amazing skill and technique, you shoot them down to earn points.

Here are some highlights.



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