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Meet Caleb and Camryn.

This brother and sister duo is doing 2020 right! Movin' and shakin' and getting through it with big smiles on their faces. Camryn's nap in a basket was looking cute and cuddly, obviously, meanwhile we enjoyed Caleb's attempt to throw leaves toward the camera not away!

The leaves kept him entertained for a solid 15 minutes until he decided to start a game of hide and seek in the bushes. There was a moment I felt like I was Jim Carey enthusiastically running and leaping while photographing alongside Zoey Deschanel, without the Red Bull crash of course. Okay it was definitely not like that but I loved Caleb's energy. It really is so refreshing to be around kids.

We ended the session with Camryn's sneaky breakout scheme from her swaddled blanket. Enjoy!



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