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Cmon Spring!

I just upgraded my 2011 iMac to a speedy MacBook Pro. Eeek!

Probably the best decision I've made so far in 2020. I could not be more excited and have rekindled my love for creating. I realized just how much I was putting everything on pause. Simple tasks like uploading a few images from my nieces birthday, doing a quick edit and then posting them was out of the question. My computer was too slow. Often it would crash if I tried to use Photoshop. Seriously, so annoying.

Currently, I'm shifting my focus toward web design. I have a couple of projects in the making and it FEELS SO GOOD. If you're in a bit of a creative rut I recommend Chase Jarvis's book Creative Calling. I made to step 1(20 pages in) and basically that's all it took. Maybe I will read the rest later. Ha.

Here's to the start of a new decade!



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